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Identification Requirements

for personal customers

Alpha Bank London is, in common with all UK Banks, required by anti-money laundering regulations to establish the identity of customers, both at the time of opening new accounts and periodically thereafter.

This guide sets out the identification requirements for personal customers. Alpha Bank London typically opens accounts for personal customers who are UK, EEA or Swiss Nationals. The Bank may at its discretion also onboard consumers outside these areas.

As a minimum we will require ONE item of proof of identity for each applicant and ONE document to verify the residential address of each applicant:

Proof of identify:

  • Certified copy of valid passport
  • Certified copy of valid photo-card driving license
  • Certified copy of valid National Identification Card

‘Valid’ means in date, undamaged, clear and readable.

Residential address verification:

    • Original or certified copy of Utility bill (dated within 3 months)
    • Original or certified copy of Bank statement (dated within the last 3 months)

    PO Box addresses, mobile phone bills and printed online banking statements are not acceptable address verification documents.

    Certification of documents
    Your identification and address documents must:

    • Be certified by a Solicitor, Bank Official, Notary or Professional Body.
    • Be certified by an individual, who is independent from the applicant, and must print their name clearly in legible handwriting underneath and indicate their capacity. The certifier should, if they have one, also append the stamp of their office.
    • The certifier should certify that the document is a “true copy of the original”.
    • Be dated and signed by the certifying person.
    • All documents must be in English, or a certified translation must be provided.

    Please note that existing customers seeking to open an additional account may still be asked to provide fresh proof of identity and residential address verification documents.