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“Why Us”

A work environment which embraces our people and values 

“At Alpha Bank London, we work in a very friendly environment where a good team work ethic is adopted by all employees.

We are a one stop shop, without a Call Centre or outsource any of our services. The service we provide to our clients is second to none and this sets us apart from other Banks and from feedback from customers, this is why ABL stands out.”

Androulla, Private Banking Relationship Manager

“Alpha Bank London is full of experienced and passionate individuals that want the best for each other.

It’s great to be in an environment where everyone is focused on their goals, catering towards the needs of our clients. I am excited for the direction Alpha Bank London is heading towards.”

Luke, Treasury Dealer

“Having recently joined Alpha Bank London I can see that there is a real positive, can-do attitude where people are committed to finding solutions and better ways of working collaboratively together.

Alpha Bank is focused on driving the right culture to make sure that we are a great bank not just for our customers but the employees as well.”

Laura, Compliance Monitoring Officer

“Having worked in Alpha Bank London for a number of years I can say that is a positive and people focussed business where individuals are valued. This helps to create a healthy business ethos which is supportive and collaborative, focussed on the needs of the individual, we work as partners with colleagues, but also with clients to aim for and achieve positive outcomes.”

Tim, Securities & Investments Manager

“I am excited to work for Alpha Bank London as a Financial Crime Analyst. The opportunity to leverage my skills while contributing to the bank’s commitment to ethical practices is truly exhilarating. Working alongside talented professionals in such a dynamic and diverse environment fills me with enthusiasm.”

Vladimiros, Financial Crime Analyst

“Alpha Bank London is a great place to work. I enjoy the work life balance, the facilities offered to employees and the collaborative atmosphere of everyone working towards the common goal of providing excellent client service and experience in their daily engagement with Alpha Bank London.”

Steve, Operations Manager