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Refinance your property portfolios


Bespoke funding packages are provided, which are tailored to meet your needs, and we can offer flexible terms according to the quality of your portfolio, Loan to Value and repayment ability.

We specialise in providing lending facilities over £1m for funding the purchase or refinance of residential and commercial property portfolios across the UK.

Competitive rates of interest are offered, over the Bank of England Base Rate, and will vary according to the quality of the proposal. 

Funding is generally available for up to 60% of the value of the property on terms up to 5 years.

Repayment is sought from rental income generated from the property, but we can adopt a flexible approach and installments can be structured on a repayment, short-term interest only, or partial capital repayment basis. 

Our products are provided by a dedicated Real Estate Manager who will oversee the transaction through to completion and will continue to manage the relationship thereafter.